Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2012 and encouraged immediately after its birth by local public, Ensemble Aurion was born from an old friendship between six musicians and their common love for the music of the Italian Seicento.

The Ensemble’s activity is centered not only in the interpretation of mainly Italian and English instrumental repertoires of the end of the sixteenth-, first half of the seventeenth-century, but also in finding a convincing manner to interpret vocal music with period instruments. The integration of improvisation and musicological research constitute also an important part of the Ensemble's approach; the rediscovery of musical collections from Eastern Europe from the beginning of the seventeenth-century is one of its actual inquiries.

Aurion, originating from the greek aemi, meaning to breath unconsciously, to blow, as well as morning breeze is called to life to bring light into a new morning in the history of music, where the interrelation between poetry and music, vocality and instrumentality promised a so far unheard universe of expressivity.

After its début in the annual Fête de la musique in Geneva in June 2012, Ensemble Aurion has performed in the Fringe Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht, in Festival Musica Cortese, Gorizia and in Festival Giornate di Musica Antica, Valvasone, Italy. The Ensemble has been engaged by the Département d'instruction publique (DIP, Geneva) for a serie of concerts during the spring season, 2013.